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our Centennial HVAC repair & installation team covers furances by GoodmanHiring a local contractor to handle your heating and cooling systems in Centennial is a much better choice than going with a franchise operation that rotates managers in and out. We are at an elevation a mile above sea level which makes the air here different from the majority of the country. In a forced air system air pressure is one of the major concerns. This means there is a need for specialized duct sizing that doesn't necessarily follow Manual J specifications. Franchises often use the standard book to deal with all sizing issues, even up here. This can lead to serious deficiencies in a forced air system. Our Centennial HVAC team is a family owned, local company that knows the specific needs of our region. We install and repair all makes and models of air conditioners and furnaces and make sure that they are calibrated for our particular altitude.

A heating and cooling system that was installed before 2000 probably has ductwork that is held together with three or four hex head screws. Every joint allows air to leak out. This type of duct work can cut a system's efficiency in half. Simply sealing up the duct work could cut operating costs in half for the entire year. Not only that, it could help reduce the amount of airborne allergens that enter the, now closed, system. Even newer systems can be poorly sealed due to quick construction or contractors that aren't well versed in the unique needs of our area.

Furnace Repair & More in Centennial Colorado!

  • Centennial air conditioning repair man at work Furnace repair & installation
  • Air conditioner repair & installation
  • Duct cleaning, repair & installation
  • Air leak repair
  • System tuneups
  • Zoning
  • Thermostat repair, installation & configuration
  • Air filtration
  • And more!

Let our HVAC Team Fit & Clean Your Air Ducts

HVAC contractors install a new air duct in a commercial buildingNot only is it important to have a correctly sized and sealed duct system, it's just as important that your furnace and air conditioner are the right size as well. An oversized system can cause the blower to run for too short a time to remove humidity from the home. This can lead to damp, musty smells building up in the fibrous materials that get caught in the vent system. This could necessitate the addition of a dehumidifier or yearly duct cleanings – neither of which is budget friendly. Having the right size equipment to start with will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Because our Centennial heating and cooling team has been working in the area for so long, we understand the unique needs of homes in and around the city. Sign up for our yearly maintenance service and put your heating and cooling system on auto-pilot. You'll never have to worry about a system failure again.

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